The Value Of SEO

How do you prove the value of SEO?

Bill Scott SEO Expert Sept 2022
Yes, good answers.
I definitely like pointing out the cost of purchasing a keyword using a platform like Google Ads.
That is almost like a comparison between the actual monetary value of organic and paid keywords.

SEO does have some unfair advantages when compared to PPC 🙂

SEO can last for several years with occasional maintenance.

Using PPC  you are going to be paying continually to see results. You will be paying a never ending monthly fee.

Many commercially viable keyword combinations are possible using SEO.

You would have to pay for each word phrase  using a pay per click model. Plus you will have to add some negative keywords to the list so you don’t waste your PPC budget. You don’t have a budget with SEO your results will be available 24/7. 

SEO Traffic Converts Better Than Paid Search Traffic. 

All things being equal organic traffic converts at a higher rate. I will say at least 2X. You can test this by organically ranking one one for your search term. Clone the page  you are ranking for in the organic , choose the right keywords and send paid traffic to that page. 

You will find organic traffic converts at a higher rate. This is one of the major benefits of SEO and what is meant BY SEO having unfair advantages over PPC.  


How do you prove the value of SEO?

Gaurav Bordiya
Blogger (2018–present) Sep 2022
Proving the worth of SEO

To demonstrate incremental improvements, use a ROI model.
Use paid search statistics to demonstrate the cost of gaining traffic via paid search.
Reporting can help you back up your performance and results.
Make a test budget.
Display competitor victories using various SEO strategies and tactics.

How do you prove the value of SEO?

Syed Abdul Rafay
SEO EXPERT (2021–present) Sep 2022
Proving the value of SEO depends on your client or prospective client’s goals and what will move the needle for them to get to page 1. This may either be local search, app store optimization, content marketing, technical optimization, etc.

That said, you must show performance improvements to secure more funding and make your client successful.

In my experience, some of the best ways to prove the value of SEO are to:

Use an ROI model to show incremental improvements.


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The Value Of SEO

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