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Law Firm Marketing.

Example: Local Digital Marketing For Lawyers and Attorneys.
Example Local Digital Marketing – Legal Service

Digital marketing for your firm

  • Digital marketing strategies and roadmaps.
  • Business growth through Lead generation.

SEO and PPC with integrated paid social media services. 

Video campaigns and web design for legal service providers.

Digital Marketing Web Design
Digital Law is a unique, professional WordPress theme for lawyers and attorneys.

Law Firm Marketing SEO and PPC.

Legal professionals could benefit from demand generation. The two demand generation tactics would be keyword based SEO and PPC campaigns. Although the number of searches related to your law firm can be seemingly endless. 

However, the keyword searches which bring about new client acquisitions with enough volume to sustain a firm, are finite.  

The Most Commercially Viable Keywords For Your Law Firm.

Client Acquisition Campaigns Using Keywords.

Online branding using keyword associations. We believe it is important to have a strong market share for  your most commercially viable keywords.

Online advertising psychology :  surfer / searcher relates your legal firm with a particular keyword. A type of keyword, word association search engine results display advertising for branding. 

A law firm can have thousands commercially viable keywords. Commercially viable keywords are keywords that have been identified as words and phrases that are most likely to result in a client conversion.

Keyword Client Acquisitions. 

Keyword conversion actions, keywords that bring in new clients to your law firm.

Some popular new client conversion actions

  • Online submissions
  • Phone calls
  • Office visits
  • FAQ downloads
  • Chats and more.

These conversion actions are tracked to determine individual cost per action and channel ROI. 

These are the keywords that generate the highest value per web visit.
Does your law firm have a website?
Do you know what keywords generate your highest value per web visit?  Which keywords are responsible for converting the most new clients?

In order for a business to grow and thrive there must be a keyword strategy to gain maximum search engine visibility for the most valuable “law firm” keywords. A law office must find and master these keywords.

By mastering these keywords we mean market share, you have market share for keywords in the legal services niche.

This is why we say we are masters of the ZERO sum digital marketing game.

website with a custom law theme
Update your firm’s website with a custom law theme.

An introductory digital marketing campaign for your legal firm.
Let’s face it, digital marketing can be expensive and what’s worse is when your current digital plan is ineffective. That’s why we offer our introductory service campaigns.

Get your Office Started Campaign Minimum Suggested
Full Service Digital Marketing Google Ads Management Monthly Budget

 PPC Campaigns starting at $ 2,800.00.
Strategy Ads campaign Step up and Creative starting at $5,800.00.

Example PPC for criminal defense attorney Starting with only a 3 word campaign. A wide range of costs for the same keywords. You have to ask yourself. What keywords deliver the highest return? How much market share for these or other keywords can you afford?

  • Example Keywords.
  • criminal defense lawyer.
  • criminal defense attorney.
  • dui lawyer

Keywords for defense attorneys

Bidding on the same 3 keywords using a higher cost per click and a higher daily budget. The per click fees can really add up. 

Digital Marketing For Legal Services

If your goal is to capture all online traffic for these legal search term your law firm will need a monthly Google Ads budget of $85,000.00 or more.

Digital Marketing New Client Working Together
Average Cost Per Click Is Set at the Lower end of the Per Click Cost. MINIMALIST Monthly Google Ads Keyword Campaign

Lets say you are aggressive with your digital marketing budget. For the same three keyword examples these are the result predicted at maximum spend cost per click  throughout, Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Your Local Phoenix Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaign (Maximum 3 word example)
This is what you can expect for a 3 word campaign for your law firm campaign.

Start at a lower budget scale over time.

Your monthly budget for “just” those 3 keywords can range from $5,000.00 to over $100, 000.00.

Digital Marketing For Phoenix Law Firms: Over 500 Keywords Identified.

How much would a budget covering around “just” the top 100 suggested keywords for your business be?

Your monthly advertising costs can go up, way up for 100 top keywords.

Starting Budget $16,000.00 per month spend in Google Ads.

High achieving  large scalable maximum budget $50,000.00 per month spend in Google Ads.

When you  ready to shift more of your firm’s advertising budget to paid digital . We can help your digital marketing goals  Contact us.

If you wanted to have complete  or an increased market share over all commercially viable keywords for a business.

 SEO For Law Firms and Attorneys. 

Look at the paid search budget a company would need if they wanted to rank for all 100 of the top legal keywords.  It could easily cost a local company $1,000,00.00 a year in paid search fees. SEO is often referred to as one of the most cost effective digital marketing channels.

SEO Content For Your Website.

 Earning Trust and Authority through “online customer service wining the  “People also ask” on Googles search engine results pages.

Example Client Questions

  • How much does a criminal defense attorney cost in Arizona?
  • Do you have to pay for a public defender in Arizona?
  • Who qualifies for a public defender in Arizona?
  • How many lawyers are there in Phoenix?
  • How much is a DUI lawyer in Arizona?

Our content strategy includes problem and solution type of marketing.
Question answering content is a form of “online” customer service.
You know who your audience is, and what their needs are.
You craft your website content in such a way that it will touch on popular topics.
Offering solutions to public concerns and pre-selling the solution.
It is no surprise that people are looking to the web first for the products and services they need. The number of online consumers continues to grow. Consumers want to access information about needs, products and services.
Your message has to be available at the time of the consumers choosing.

Digital Marketing Agency in Phoenix

Online Marketing Objectives

Before you can go about planning how each marketing medium should be used, it is important to first outline your specific short-term & long-term marketing objectives.

Getting clarity on your marketing objectives is key to setting a roadmap for your resource deployment and budget allocation to SEO, PPC and Social Media. SEO usually works well to serve your long-term objectives, while PPC and Social Media Marketing can be used to achieve both short-term and long term marketing objectives.

Goals of Digital Marketing Campaign Goals Demand Generation

– Increase brand awareness, increase phone calls, website visits and store visits.

Budget based on fulfilled capabilities. The ability to service new customers effectively.
A local law office can accommodate 10 new clients seeking a criminal defense attorney.
40 new monthly clients.

How much should your monthly budget be in order to generate 40 new monthly clients for your law office?

How do you estimate the average cost per client?

SEO and Link Building for Your Law Firm

Building links for a law firm can be challenging, but there are several creative ways to approach this task:

  • Expert contributions: Offer your expertise by contributing articles or blog posts to relevant websites and trade publications, including a link back to your website in the byline or author bio.
  • Local sponsorships and partnerships: Partner with local organizations and charities to provide sponsorship or support, and request that they include a link to your website on their own website.
  • Legal guides and resources: Create comprehensive legal guides and resources that can be shared and linked to by other websites, such as a glossary of legal terms or a guide to navigating the legal system.
  • Social media outreach: Leverage your law firm’s social media presence to engage with potential link partners and promote your content.
  • Client testimonials: Encourage satisfied clients to write testimonials and reviews of your services, and request that they include a link back to your website when they post the review online.
  • Legal directory listings: Ensure that your law firm is listed in relevant legal directories and that your website is linked to from these directories.
  • Case studies: Share in-depth case studies that highlight the work your law firm has done, and reach out to relevant websites and publications to request that they include a link to your case studies.

By utilizing these and other creative tactics, you can build high-quality links for your law firm and improve your website’s search engine visibility and credibility.

Local Pest Control Services Google Map

Local Digital Marketing For Legal Services

Maps: Your Business On Google.

Local GMB One of your BEST free sources of traffic optimize it for law firm. Google My Business GMB renamed “Google Business Profile GBP.”
Client – We Win Law Offices.
Local Legal Firm – Criminals Defensive Attorneys .
Location – Law Firm in Phoenix AZ 85028.
Specializes – DUI
Customer problem identified – Get the best legal  representation for my DUI case. 

Content Marketing

is an effective way to increase your website’s organic position in major search engines.
If you are using content marketing for SEO purposes you will need to find a relevant topics which includes keywords and keyword phrases that your specific audience is searching for. Then you will need to decide what is the best way to distribute this information. Your ultimate goal is to have authority websites pick up and share the information with their audience. When this happens you are now gaining back links from an authority and Google uses this linking information in the ranking algorithm. One part of Googles ranking algorithm is that quality sites link to other quality websites.
Let see who is one page one?

Lets move up to page one.

  • Law Firm

Who is GAME?

Law Firms, Legal Marketing Services PPC Campaigns
EXCLUSIVE No Conflict Of Interest Here

Unlike those other online marketing and advertising companies Ad Web llc only works with one business in a single geographic region. Example if your a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix or a Phoenix Law Firm that specializes in DUI cases you will be our only client in Phoenix.

Create client generating campaigns using web traffic from paid search including: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter.

• Managing all aspects of PPC campaigns including bidding and landing page strategies
• Monitoring, tracking, and reporting the performance of all paid placement
• Performing keyword analysis and research, providing keyword recommendations, and developing keyword strategy for paid and organic search
• Actively testing and analyzing keywords, advertising copy, landing pages, and positioning to increase conversions
• Participating in the in-house reporting and management tools

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