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Pioneering the field of paid search management since GoTo.com. Goto was one of the first pay for placement ad networks and launched in 1997, conceived and developed at Idealabs.  We were one of the first digital marketing agencies to take advantage of pay per click search engines. We developed keyword campaigns that we mamageged for our clients, placing them on the first page of search engines and web directories. If your looking for PPC management we handle everything from strategy to implementation and maintenance. Achieve higher a higher return on your paid search campaigns with our talented conversion rate optimization experts.

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We refer to Pay Per Click “PPC”advertising as SEO for the algorithmicly challenged. In the real world, the definition is pretty straightforward, its pay for placement for keywords that a company buys in order to generate revenue or awareness.  Even though we say this form of advertising is straightforward, one caveat we would like to add is that this method of advertising is deceptively simple.  There are many pitfalls to avoid in order to make a paid search campaign profitable one. 

How are the costs per click determined?

Pay Per Click advertising better know as PPC is a method of advertising in which a business pays an amount to a publisher each time an ad is clicked. 

The amount a business pays per click to a publisher varies by industry.

Some of the factors that determine the costs per click include:

  • The competitive nature of the business niche. This translates into the number of companies that are competing to get noticed in the search engine results pages. A large city might have 50 law firms competing for the phrase law firm in phoenix. The same city might only have 5 businesses that compete for a phrase like extra large pigeon coups
  • The cost per click could also be a reflection of the revenue generated by a sale or client acquisition. If you are selling an item that retails for $10.00 it might not make sense to bid $11.00 on that keyword. If you are a law firm and each new client acquired for the firm generates $50,000.00 paying $105.00 per click might seem pretty inexpensive.
  • Time as in time is of the essence is also a factor in the determining value of a cost per click. There are businesses that as people search for with an immediate need. These customers really have no time to shop around. Your toilet is overflowing and won’t stop you need a plumber now. Your car breaks down on a busy freeway you need a tow, now. Its 115 degrees in the Arizona sun and your air conditioner just quit, you need an HVAC Technician ASAP!  A company should bid enough to appear in the first few available ad positions.
  • Seasonality You might pay higher costs when your goods or services are in season. Summer might be the right time to advertise lawn services but the costs per click will be higher than the winter. A snowblower must be a great seller in the winter but the costs per clicks will be less than summer. This is want is meant by in season vs out of season click costs.

How To Lower The Cost Of Your PPC Campaign, While Improving ROI.

There are many things you can do to optimize you ad spend and improve the results of your ad campaign.  If you are running a Google Adwords (Ad) here are a few tips. 

  • Know your audience and create their online peronnas. 
  • Set conversion goals.
  • Choose your keywords and the word match carefully.
  •  Own your company’s top keywords. You want to be synonyms with authoritativeness.
  • Find hidden gems, low volume but highly converting keywords.
  • Make a generous list of negative matching keywords.
  • Make use of  audience targeting tools for campaigns and ad groups. 
  • Create ads and landing pages created specifically targeting their personas.  
  • Create ads that have a strong description and a clear call to action. 
  •  Develop landing pages that quickly build trust and have a clear call to action. 
  • Retarget your visitors with a special ad campaign.
  • Use an analytics program, make use of  website data.
  • Use ad and landing page variations.
  • Test, test and retest.


Our PPC and SEO Service A Strategy That Works Together.

How Can a PPC campaign help with SEO?

  • We believe you should ALWAYS  create your PPC campaign first before focusing too much on SEO.
  • This is especially true when you are new to SEO or a specific business niche. You may not be 100% sure on which keywords convert the best.
  •  Save time using PPC first by  understanding which keywords are more likely to convert into a favorable action.
  • SEO takes time to see results, in some cases a lot of time depending on how competitive your most important keywords are.
  • Instead of spending a lot of time and waiting months hoping you chose the right keywords, call to actions and imagery. You can start a PPC campaign in days and see the results almost immediately thereafter. 
  • The traffic and conversion goals are easily tracked through in your PPC Campaign. This will give you valuable and almost immediate insight to the success or failure of your keyword campaign and thus allow you to focus more on the Keywords that are generating the highest number of conversions.
  • Also because PPC platforms like Google Adwords now, Google Ads gives you a robust information You see the results of A/B ad and landing pages tests much more quickly in PPC to further optimize SEO campaign strategy.
  • Gathering this type of information using SEO can take months and if you chose keywords incorrectly and need to make adjustments, you have to wait a couple of more months to see the results.