SEO part of digital marketing

Is SEO part of digital marketing?

Question: Is SEO part of digital marketing?

Answer: SEO is one of the earliest forms of digital marketing.
Is SEO part of digital marketing? Yes.
Modern PPC was not even around in the mid 1990’s Neither was the term SEO.
We just called it “get your website on the first page of search engines.”

Banner ads were available on some websites. The first clickable web-ad banners were introduced in 1994. SEO was really one of the few options you had to promote a website.
That’s why I say content marketing is nothing new, SEO is/was all about content marketing and organic conversions. There really was not an alternative type of digital marketing available. Discovering keywords and phrases that lead to conversions. Tracking conversions, conversion optimization all started in the 1990s.

Which keywords are most important to a business and at what volume?

All website traffic data analyzed way before Google Analytics became available. Does the word Urchin ring a bell? I think Google bought them and that is where Google analytics was born.

Most people just don’t have the pleasure of working in the digital marketing field at that time.

Create content around words and phrases that convert.

  • What is the content about?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What part of the customer journey?
  • Who can share content with the audience?
  • How many formats can you use the content for?

More importantly to a stakeholder is: How do you make money with it?

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SEO is about content marketing and organic conversions. SEO Strategies.
SEO part of digital marketing

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