PPC Examples

PPC Examples

PPC Examples – We develop pay click campaigns that generate exclusive leads and eCommerce sales. The main PPC channels we use are Google Ads, Bing, Facebook and other website networks that are industry specific.

PPC  Campaign Management Since 1999.

 Ad weWe are experts at PPC and have been advocating its use since it’s inception. Ad Web LLC has over 22+ years of using PPC to generate sales and leads for our clients. The majority of PPC companies simply don’t have our experience and our success rate. 

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PPC Examples

Expert Bill Scott – We have some of the highest  Adwords conversion rates in the industry, 2 – 5 times what other lead generating companies provide.  PPC Examples 2018

Here are a few PPC Example results we’ve achieved for our Adwords clients.
Increasing your online sales and leads is all about getting the right message, to the right people at the right time. It’s all about timing and psychology. The essence to a superior PPC conversion rate is employing the right advertising tactic in the right place, at the right time.

How We Are Different.

Historical campaign performance is important, and many future marketing decisions are based on hard data and rigorous A/B testing. Unlike other digital agencies, we turn your PPC account over to you. We don’t hold you hostage. You own the campaign and all the statistics that come with it.
No Hidden Fees You manage and pay for your own PPC account spend.

PPC Examples, Mission: Drive Student Enrollment For ATSU with PPC Lead Generation

Competition Research & Keyword Discovery
Search Engine Campaign Setup with all selected search engine portals
Setup of unique toll-free tracking number used exclusively for PPC campaign
Ad Group Configuration
Initial Ad Variation Copywriting
Split Testing Ad Variations – A/B Testing
Keyword Bid Amount Monitoring/Adjustment
Average Ad Position Monitoring/Adjustment

PPC Example Results

First we estimated the cost per lead using ppc. 

  • Develop marketing marketing material. 
  • Create PPC campaign structure, keywords, ad groups,ads and any  negative keywords. 
  • Let the campaign start to gather data
  • Analyze and make any adjustments. 

 More times than not we get the actual lead or sales estimation right like the example  to the BELOW ,sometimes it takes a couple of months to fine tune and optimize the campaign to achieve the desired results. 

Ad Campaign Results

PPC Examples Student Erollment Leads

A.T. Still University’s PPC campaign generated 80 leads throughout the month of July. The average Cost-per-Lead (to include phone calls generated) was $27.25. ATSU received 67 phone leads in July from the PPC campaign. The average call duration was 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Majority of the calls came in from 9am-1pm and Wednesday was the most popular day of the week to receive calls.

PPC Examples – Using PPC to help your SEO Strategy

In addition to PPC Campaign Management, we also provide SEO services to help alleviate the daily cost of PPC.

Executive SEO Summary

Working with the staff A.T. Still University’s to increase their organic search position. 

Here is an example of SEO of a college website. AT Still University was not showing up on the first page for their most important degree programs. The project was contracted out to AD Web Designs Bill Scott. Bill has been performing SEO services since 1996 and is credited for been a pioneer in the SEO field.


An SEO plan was developed and implemented and with in just a few months we  engineered first page ranking for hundreds of highly competitive  keyword combinations.

More PPC Examples www.wirelessvideo.com Mission: Create and Manage PPC Camapign, SEO campaign to reduce the cost of Pay per click charges.  Find and Remove website injection virus.
PPC Management
Wireless Video

Another example of PPC and SEO working together to increase online sales.

Camera Campaign
ppc keywords

We can use PPC to quickly determine, what PPC keywords are converting at a high percentage. The we add them as SEO Targets and add them to your SEO keyword list. Every business should run a PPC campaign. You minimally protect your brand name and website URL.

SEO and PPC Example, Homebasedbusiness.com Mission:

  • Lower the cost per PPC Lead.
  • Get the clients website unbanned  from Google organic search results.
  • SEO optimize website to lessen the reliance on pay per click. 

This is an example of improving PPC conversions through better selection of keywords and improving the landing page. The conversion rate before was 4.72 % at a cost per lead of $36.66. We were able to rise the conversion rate to 13.78% and lowering the cost per lead to $13.10.

Lead generation

In just 3 months homebasedbusiness.com went from being banned [the website was not even showing up for its own url keywords] to generating 100’s of thousands in PPC Savings.  

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3

PPC Examples A/B Multivariate Testing​

We use PPC  split testing where , the same sources of traffic and  keywords, but the traffic is split between two versions of the same landing page.  Once we get a winner from our split test, we can then move on to multivariate testing, to further optimize the landing page’s performance. Below is an example of a Adwords text ad and a couple of landing pages. 

Video landing page pay per click
Domain names
display ad

 Why is A/B ad testing is so important when using Ads PPC?  A few words can make A HUGE difference to your company’s bottom line.

The bottom ad was the mandatory ad given by the client.  After some convincing we were allowed to change the ad “just a little”. That little text change made the campaign to go from unprofitable to profitable!  
Adwords Ads A/B Testing