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Higher education lead generation with a passion for increasing a campus’s online and offline student enrollments.

Ad Web Designs is one of the oldest internet marketing companies in the US. It was among the first 100,000 websites in the world. Just in case you are wondering, in 2018 there are approximately 644 million websites world wide. Bill Scott is an Internet marketing pioneer and is a partner at Ad Web Designs as well as the Director of Demand Generation.

Higher Education Lead Generation Philosophy: Partner with our clients to closely supervise all aspects of their advertising and marketing efforts and deliver the highest amount of qualified leads at the lowest cost-per-lead and cost-per-start.

Bill Scott Says: “ Generating Higher Education Leads Takes A Higher Form Of Marketing”

One of the coolest guys I ever met. I remember meeting with one of my future clients Bob Barker, former Executive Vice President for University of Phoenix. Mr. Barker was known as an innovative educational entrepreneur having partnerships with accredited colleges and universities to increase enrollment through marketing, lead generation and retention services. Bob told me he was tired of buying 3rd party higher education leads and wanted to be a soup to nuts agency providing marketing, lead generation, enrollment counselor services.

He went on and told me about a major Midwest University spending approximately three million dollars over two years and acquiring only fifteen students! He jokingly asked me if I could do better than that. I think it was 2007 or 2008. I already had 13 years of internet marketing and lead generating experience, so I said heck yea!

We had a more formal meeting which I over-prepared for, if there can be such a thing. I showed up to the office with what have been at least 100 pages of different examples of SEO and PPC campaigns that I created. I was hired on the spot.

Higher Education Lead Generation
Top 5 First Page Results Keywords: Medical Degree, Online Medical Degree - 100's More.

Lead Generation For Schools

  • Private Schools, Trade and Specialty Schools. Online and Campus Based School Programs.
  • Elementary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Charter
  • Performing Arts 
  • Montessori
  • Catholic schools
  • Culinary
  • Art
  • Beauty and Cosmetology
  • Dental
  • Tech
  • Film and Acting
  • Flight
  • Online High School Courses, Diploma and GED Programs.
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Branding & Student Recruiting

Your brand is how you connect with your students. We understand that. That is why Ad Web Designs provides full-service agency capabilities to help manage your brand and to leverage your brand strength into real leads in a way that will lower your school’s cost-per-enrollment. Our complete scope of services includes everything from positioning to creative services to account services, media planning, media buying and strategic planning.

College Marketing that works.

From generating interest in your degree program to securing the enrollment, filling an online or offline classrooms is a complete chain of trackable events. Marketing is among the first of those links – which makes it among the most important. Ad Web Designs’ long history of providing exclusive business leads enables you start a strong student enrollment campaign.

  • Branding & Recruiting.
  • Lead Generation.
  • Creative Ad Design.
  • Marketing/Recruiting Strategies.
  • Media Buying & Planning.
  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Lead Management Technology
  • Detailed Reporting custom Google Data Studio dashboards
  • Call Center Verification and Enrollment Services
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Higher Education Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation For Schools

PPC Campaign Reports Google Data Studio

Search Engine Marketing For Higher Education

Student Enrollment Campaign Process

  • Client meetings Brand mission & background.
  • Clear definition of digital marketing objectives.
  • Campaign strategy objective focused.
  • Budgeting and estimated campaign ROI.
  • Creative development and client collaboration.
  • Analytics tracking tested and installed.
  • Goal focused custom data reports and dashboards created.
  • Implementation, launch campaigns on relevant platforms.
  • Report results and next optimization steps to clients.
  • Make ongoing data driven campaign optimizations.
  • Google Ads campaign strategies and audits.
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • PPC conversion tracking
  • Paid  social media campaign strategies.
  • Facebook ad campaign strategies and audits.
  • YouTube ads and video campaign strategies and audits.
lead generation for universities
Higher education lead generation.

Since 1996 we have been providing world class lead generation services. Our websites and internet marketing services have produced millions of web visitors generating millions of dollars in revenue.

AD web designs offers expert SEO and PPC services for online lead generation. Local and national Internet marketing campaigns for Colleges and Universities increasing student enrollments for online and campus based degree programs.

Some of our contract work includes lead generation for major colleges and Universities including:

  • Abilene Christian University
  • A.T. Still University
  • Boston University
  • Columbia College
  • Florida State
  • Indiana Tech
  • Iowa Central college
  • Norwich University

PPC and SEO:  An Enrollment Strategy That Works Together.

Consulting services for higher education lead generation.
Tired of 3rd Party Lead Gen? Try our Google Ads, student enrollment campaigns.
Stop buying educational leads that are sold to multiple schools and colleges. Our agency is not in the lead broker business.

We develop custom online marketing campaigns for your specific school and your specific programs. We can consult with your marketing and IT staff how to generate “exclusive leads” inhouse.

Creative Development

We can handle everything from concept to copy to design and analytics. The key is in the execution of traditional offline and online creative. We do more than develop creative; we develop great ideas that bring more students to your school.

Higher Education Lead Generation & College Recruiting Strategies.

From traditional online surveys, to mining big data our research services help you better understand your prospects and position your school more effectively.

Online Media Buying & Planning

Our talented and skilled media buyers have experience in both interactive and traditional buying and planning. By putting both of these skill sets to work, you’ll get a plan that provides predictable enrollment figures at a cost-per-start that’s comfortable for your institution.

Competitive ZERO Sum Game: Limited Commercially Viable Keyword Volume For Student Enrollments leads.

Online Student Recruiting

The competitive nature of the business niche. This translates into the number of companies that are competing to get noticed in the search engine results pages. A large city might have 50 law firms competing for the phrase law firm in phoenix. The same city might only have 5 businesses that compete for a phrase like extra large pigeon coops.
Amount of revenue generated per lead generated and closed transactions.

Highest Value Per Web Visitor.

The cost per click could also be a reflection of the revenue generated by a sale or client acquisition. If you are selling an item that retails for $10.00 it might not make sense to bid $11.00 on that keyword. If you are an online school and each new student acquired for the school generates $50,000.00 paying $35.00 per click might seem pretty inexpensive.

Marketing For Online Schools

SEO for Colleges.

Email Marketing For Higher Education Lead Generation.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as the means of communication. Often used to acquire new students or convince prospective students to take an immediate action, email marketing is also well suited to enhance the relationship of an educational institution with its current student base or alumni and/or encourage brand loyalty.

Compared to other media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters, e-mail is less expensive. A precise return on investment can be calculated with email marketing. Email can be tracked via auto-responders, web bugs, bounce messages, unsubscribe requests, read receipts, click-throughs, etc. These mechanisms can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, and to correlate conversions with marketing. We often find that email marketing is the most underutilized used form of higher education lead generation.

Ad Web Designs offers a comprehensive email marketing strategy including creative design, copywriting, mailing list management, individual email customization (based on first name, degree program, location, etc), email deployment and reporting. We always stay on top of email authentication issues, and we manage reputation and certification issues to ensure your messages make it through to the intended recipient. We also understand the idiosyncrasies of the different webmail services.

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