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PPC News Video

PPC News Video’s 9/29/2022  Top PPC Stories in Google News  6 Ways To Increase Your Backlink Profile Without Sending. 4 new useful LinkedIn Ads features. How to Know if Your Facebook Ads Will Work. Stay Up To Date On The Last PPC NEWS and Tips  Just listed PPC Videos on YouTube.  The guys discuss why it […]

SEO News Video

SEO News Video’s 9/29/2022  Top SEO Stories in Google News  3 Ecommerce SEO Strategy Mistakes & How To Solve Looking to prove the value of SEO? Google Core & Product Review Updates FinishTikTok SEO strategy Upgrade Your SEO Content Strategy Stay Up To Date On The Last SEO NEWS and Tips  Just listed SEO Videos […]

The Value Of SEO

How do you prove the value of SEO? Bill Scott SEO Expert Sept 2022Yes, good answers.I definitely like pointing out the cost of purchasing a keyword using a platform like Google Ads.That is almost like a comparison between the actual monetary value of organic and paid keywords. SEO does have some unfair advantages when compared […]

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