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Search Engine Marketing is improving your web position by using two primary methods.

search engine marketing

Search Engine Optimization SEO sometimes referred to as "Organic Search" and "Natural Search".

The biggest benefit of having professional search engine optimization performed is that SEO provides the best return on your company's advertising dollars. People click on the organic results more often than paid search. The conversion rate per visitor can be 3 times that of paid search. If the web site optimization service is preformed according to best practices the first page ranking results can last over a decade. We have several examples of web page optimization in AD Web's SEO portfolio.

The most challenging aspect of SEO can be the amount of time needed to see results. The amount of time needed to see SEO results depends on two factors.

First is the current condition of your website which includes both on page and off page factors. Think of on page factors as elements which you as the website owner has the most direct control over.

On page SEO factors include items like the spiderablity of the complete website. Can a web spider gather and digest all of the web pages in your site's architecture?. Or does you website consist of orphaned pages that the spider can't reach or read? Other important on page factors include all the meta data in the site's code and text on each web page.

Off page SEO factors include items like the number of inbound links. Inbound links are links to your website from other websites. The age of your domain name. The length of time you registered your domain name. The web server your website resides at.

We have a check list of over 50 different items we feel gives your website the best chance on a first page ranking on Google.

AD Web LLC excels at search engine optimization. We have a long history of providing successful SEO strategies to our clients. AD Web LLC is considered to be not only one of the first search engine optimization companies in Phoenix, Arizona but one of the oldest SEO companies in the world. We predate the popular search marketing phrase Search engine optimization. We call use to call it search engine friendly web design" SEFWD" back in 1996.

Paid Search is Pay Per Click or AD Impressions - Paying for position.

While some of our search marketing cousins call SEO "Praying for position". As search experts we can definitely agree that paid search is" paying for position". Back in the 1990's before paid search SEO was really the only option for those seeking a first page ranking on the search engines. Enter paid search or as we at AD Web LLC call it search engine marketing for the algorithmically challenged. A little internet marketing humor.

AD Web started offering paid search services in May of 1998 and we quickly embraced this new form of search engine marketing.

Paid search offers many benefits to businesses wanting to receive targeted website traffic. First unlike SEO, paid search is almost immediate. You can start a paid search campaign in the morning and by lunch time you can see new targeted web visitors.

You can guarantee a first page ranking for large list of keywords. You will of course need to use the proper bid amounts in your pay per click campaign. You will also need to make sure the keywords in your campaign are relevant to your website content. If not you will pay more per click in the form of a penalty but aside from that a first page ranking is easy to guarantee.

One of the biggest drawbacks to paying per click is you are paying per click regardless who initiated the click and the of the outcome of the click.

The cost of a single click can very dramatically depending on the keywords related to your business. One company in a non competitive industry can pay under a dollar per click. A company in a highly competitive industry can pay $10.00, $30,00 or more for a single click.

Our search engine marketing experts will develop a custom online marketing strategy taylor made for your business that fits within your budget.


Most competitive Industries for SEO


Adult Websites
Education - college degrees
Financial Services (mortgages in particular)
Financial Services/Loans
Floral/Flower Delivery - city names
Gaming/Game Cheats - game names
Home Based Business & Biz Opps
Medical /Pharma Pharmaceutical/Medical
Online Education/E-Learning - school names
Real Estate (individial agent sites) Arizona alone has over 25,000 licensed agents. Ok used to.
Real Estate - city names
Retail Apparel
Retail Computer Hardware
Singles/Dating - city names
Travel - city names
Travel vacations and cruises. The words "vacation package(s)
Web Development and Hosting
Web Site Design

If your goal is to capture all online leads for the business opportunity search term your company will need an annual Adwords budget of $300,000.00

We saved a company over 1 million dollars by producing organic seo results How much can we save your business? Contact us for a Free search engine marketing quote.



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