Local SEO Services In Phoenix

Local SEO Services In Phoenix

Ad Web Designs provides local SEO services to businesses located in one or multiple geographically specific areas such as states, cities and counties.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO guides consumers to your website based on your website optimization and their geographical location. If your business depends on revenue from  providing a product or service to a local are then local SEO  is a must!

 This type of localized optimization for appearing in the organic search engine results provides a higher ROI by lowering the cost of customer acquisition.  The most popular  alternative  to search engine optimization  is pay per click (PPC). You can find PPC ads on popular search engines like Google and Bing for you most poplar keywords and keyword phrases.  Type in a popular term that someone may use when searching google can you spot the organic listing vs the paid search ads? Where is your business located? Where to you see your competition?

Local SEO vs. PPC

Real Estate
Plastic Surgeons
SEO For Auto Dealers

Local SEO is great for service professionals like real estate agents, plastics surgeons, auto finance companies. Local SEO is great for a wide variety of consumer related services such as law firms, real estate companies, plumbers, garage door repair services, dentist and doctors just about everything with your local yellow pages.

If you’re doing search engine marketing alternative to localized SEO is buying your company’s keywords through a program like Google AdWords or Bing.

Local SEO vs PPC Attorney Example

Why is Local SEO better than PPC? The cost per click can be extremely high for localized services. We created a PPC campaign for an attorney in Phoenix metro area as you can see paying per click to gnerate web leads can be very expensive. Some of the larger full service law firms in phoenix can pay upwards of a million dollars per year. Phoenix SEO Services

Once a PPC ad is click regardless of the visitors intent could cost the firm $20.00 or more. phoenix attorney local keywords


Local Attorney
PPC Agency For Attorneys

High demand services are perfect for local seo these services would include air conditioning repair, plumbers, auto mechanics , dentist and doctors.

Usually the greater the emergency a consumer is facing,  the more expensive the cost per click charge to your business will be.  Click costs are high many small businesses still pay high dollar per click like: dog groomers, handyman services, educational services and many others. That’s why having a local SEO company to optimize your website for your specific geographical region is so important and the benefits can last several years.

With SEO you pay an upfront fee and a much lower monthly fee compared to PPC. Search engine optimization gives you a greater return over the lifetime of the business whereas pay-per-click it’s like a bucket with a hole in it the water in this case money is leaking.

Local SEO Technical Checklist

Performing local SEO on a website starts with an audit of the different website related elements that may need to be improved.

 Website Speed.  Example of what we might find.

Remember that a slow page speed generally leads to a lower conversion rate.

Desktop Version: According to Google and Pingdom web page speed tools the desktop version is graded a B. So there is room for improvement.
Mobile Version: We used the national average of 3G which is the most commonly used standard in the US. Using 3G the website loaded at 7.5 seconds which to put that in perspective, 1.49MB takes 7 seconds to load using a fast 3G connection. The website is according to Google tools your website is mobile friendly. However the mobile speed is graded a B with a Yslow grade of D. The Yslow grades web page based on one of three predefined rule set or a user-defined ruleset. Google has announced a mobile-first indexing. This means a separate index for smartphones. Remember that a slow page speed generally leads to a lower conversion rate.

 Recommended fixes Because you are currently running a WordPress site there are several plugins we can install through the admin panel to make the website load faster.

Leverage browser caching you can speed up the download speed by having website code and designs elements cashed in users browsers.
Minimize redirects you have many redirects on the website including redirecting the http version to the secured https version.
Defer parsing of JavaScript can reduce the time it takes to render a webpage in our browser.
Image compression to reduce file size. 

Local SEO And Website Crawlability

We make sure you robot text file is not blocking important website pages or elements.
Robots.txt (looks good for wordpress)
User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /xmlrpc.php.

Example Suggestion for issues we found while preforming local SEO on a plastic surgeons website.

The website does have a lot of unique content which is great. The issue is that many of the pages are three to four clicks down from the home page navigation.

Recommended Fix This really fixes 2  search engine optimization issues at the same time. The home page has very little text on it as compared to your local competition who are ranking higher for keywords, related to your practice. In fact, you have 2-5 times less text on your home page than some of the websites you mentioned as competitors . What I would suggest is bringing some of the content forward to the home page and linking the 3rd level content from there. You also could enhance the website navigation, making services easier to find.

I would suggest taking the core business services that are currently under the treatments tab and make them a permanent part of the main navigation. As an alternative you could also use breadcrumbs in the navigation would also help the crawlability.

Local SEO For Several Locations

We have identified several inconsistencies in the way your business information is recorded in various local directories. This hurts your ranking and chances of being displayed in local maps listing for company keywords.

This is an easy fix by first documenting the official Name, Address and phone number. For instance there is a difference between DR. Health Skin & Laser and DR. Health Skin and Laser. Also phone numbers and suite numbers need to be consistent.

Because Dr. Health is dependent on attracting local customers to one of their several locations, optimizing for local search must be a high priority. One way to improve attracting local customers is by giving each location their own page. You can populate these pages with types services, testimonials and reviews from customers emphasizing that specific city location and who they are most like to receive services from. You can also mention any strategic partners or charities you work with in that area.

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local seo vs ppc

If you are a plastic surgeon or skin care specialist with several locations using a service like this Google ads example can get very costly. That is why local SEO is so important.