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Mortgage Lead Generation Using Pay Per Click On Search Engines

Our pay per click experts will set and and maintain an internet based lead generating campaign. All you need to do is tell us what type of mortgage lead is required. What is the maximum cost per lead that you are willing to pay. Please remember that these are exclusive mortgage leads sent directly to your company. We are experts at pay per click marketing and your internet campaign will be professionally managed to ensure the highest possible ROI on your campaign. Accounts are monitored daily with several key metrics will be tracked and the results logged into your campaign report. We work very close with your sales team to determine not only cost per lead CPL but follow the lead through the sales process to determine the cost per action. Our Program will generate exclusive leads using the internet.


Search Engine Marketing Experts for Lead Generation.

Due to the high cost per click for mortgage related terms it is important that your mortgage brokerage use an internet marketing company that knows how to generate the highest amount of conversions at the lowest cost per click.

mortgage keywords using google adwords

Optimized Microsites to Generate Mortgage Leads Using the Internet.

AD Web Designs, search optimization experts will also optimize your mortgage broker web site. We will make sure your web site has proper metataga and verbiage to show up on the first page results on search engines like Google for mortgage related keywords.

Special Lead Generating Websites

These are web site designed around a specific type of mortgage lead. This includes a custom domain name, web site hosting and content generation. These are lead generating mircosite design to get on the first page of the search engines.
refinancing and mortgage modifications home equity mortgage
first and second mortgages residential and commercial mortgages
fha and jumbo mortgage bad credit and subprime mortgages

Looking at the example costs for pay per click keywords you could spend over 100k a day!! That's why search engine optimization is so important. Pay per click advertising can get really expensive real quick. We offer expert search engine optimization and pay per click management.


Generating Exclusive Internet Mortgage Leads

Geo target Lead Campaign Set - Up Paid Search, PPC PPC Management
Local $2500.00 20% of ad spend
Regional $2500.00  
National $2500.00  

Exclusive Leads - State or City Campaigns
Exclusive Leads - Multiple State and Cities
Campaign limit 20
Exclusive Leads - Country Wide Campaign

*There are no minimum monthly ad spend requirements.

* Stop buying mortgage loan leads that are sold to multiple companies. Our Internet Marketing Company is not in the lead broker business. We develop and manage an internet marketing campaign to provide your mortgage business with "exclusive mortgage loan leads" Our search engine marketing strategy includes pay per click and geting your mortgage web site listed in organic or "free" search results.

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