Google’s Data Studio

What is Google’s Data Studio?
Well encase you haven’t heard Google has a Beta of this really cool analytics program. The current name is “Google Data Studio” and it has some amazing capabilities. As a full service digital marketing agency conversion tracking and optimization of our clients campaigns is mission critical. One of the ways we make better advertising decision is tracking channel conversions.

Google Data Studio

Reports when you need them using REAL TIME data
Custom reports- Turn your data into dash boards which answer your most important business decisioning questions.

Putting All Your data Together. Import Channel Data From Different Sources
Import channel data from sources like Facebook, Linkedin,YouTube, Adwords Analytics

Watch Report Like a Boss Using Google Data Studio

Join Data Studio Product Manager Nikhil Roy and Google Analytics Advocate Louis Gray live from Google HQ on August 17th to learn about how to design and deliver exceptional reports in Google Data Studio.

Once a data source is connected, the underlying dimensions and metrics are readily available for use in calculations, transformations, and visualizations of different channel sources in one report. Data Studio handles the authentication, access rights, and structuring of the data. Data tells a story. What will your story say?

Wait, What no conversion data reported?
We plugged the clients analytical data in the reporting structure and found the campaign did not have any conversion goals or any real conversion reporting. You need website goals and conversions. Unfortunately there are many businesses running different marketing channels like Adwords and Bing to Facebook and YouTube that could use a little expert management.

Google Data Studio – Can make your digital marketing data shine!

Add all of your marketing channels in one clear and concise report. Imagine knowing what channels are producing the most. You can break it down by demographics too.
Most of all is the fact that you can use this data to find your best and highest converting audience and then find look-alike audiences across the web. PPC Services

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