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Our approach to franchise marketing is simple. Getting you the franchisor, more buyers, in more locations.
Let’s face it when it comes to internet marketing experience no one knows more than Ad Web Designs.

For over 23 years since 1996 we have been providing strategic and tactical marketing plans. We have help clients of all sizes in all vertices we have literally helped business starting with A and going to Z. That is delivering lead generating, branding and marketing campaigns, for businesses ranging from Attorneys to Zoos.

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Why Hire Ad Web Designs For Franchise Marketing?

Adwebdesigns homepage screenshot homepage circa 1996.

Ad Web Designs is located in Phoenix, AZ and is one of the oldest internet marketing companies in the US. We have provided internet marketing services before Google was even online. was among the first 100,000 websites in the world. We make no apologies! Let’s face it we have been providing digital marketing services way before any of the other franchise marketing agencies you may be considering. Just in case you are wondering in 2018 there are approximately 644 million websites world wide. With so many websites online hiring the right digital marketing firm is mission critical to your future success.


Lead generation means demand generation for your franchise.

We are digital marketing award winners and lead generation producers. Lead generation and sales marketing plans. Our marketing plans include a highly crafted story written to get the franchisor’s message to an audience of targeted franchise prospects. We can help franchisors gain more franchisees. We can help franchisees attract more customers.

When you are looking for an agency to increase the number of store locations, look no further than Ad Web Designs. We will get to know more about you company. Then develop a franchise marketing campaign that will meet your needs. We find them no matter where there are online that includes smartphone targeting too!
We are not an only franchise marketing agency, those companies seem, just lazy and most would offer their services to your competitor because they “specialize” only in franchise marketing. They will say they have been around the internet and digital marketing for 10, 15 years. In most cases we still would a whole decade of more experience. The director of demand generation for your franchise, is Internet marketing pioneer and industry expert William “bill” Scott. Since 1996 Mr Scott is responsible for selling over a half billion dollars of goods and services online
Do your research!! Google your company choices and select us as your franchise marketing agency.

SEO For Building Your Franchise


Franchise Marketing: Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM)

SEO Marketing Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) for franchises is one of the most cost effective forms of search engine marketing. It doesn’t matter if you are a franchisee or franchisor. Being easily found for business related keywords is one of the best ways to generate leads and attract new customers.,The goal with SEO is to get you as high in the organic search engine results page as possible. When every company claims to SEO Experts. How do you know which company will provide the best SEO services for you franchise? I can’t speak for those other companies claiming to be SEO experts, but here at Ad Web Designs with have Internet Marketing and SEO pioneer Bill Scott, Bill keeps current with all the latest changes in the SEO field and is a specialist contributor at MOZ. What is MOZ you ask? MOZ is a the largest community of SEOs on the planet and he frequently offer suggestions and advice for a wide range of topics including SEO, PPC, Lead generation and conversion optimization.

We can build a comprehensive SEO marketing plan for your franchise. This includes both strategic and tactical SEO plans to drive your business towards your sales goals. One of the keys to building a successful business franchise is having a marketing plan in place that is scalable. We love the word scalability and our franchise marketing plans do exactly that.

Starting Off Your Franchise With A Scalable Local Search Campaign

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What is Local SEO?
The main purpose of local search optimization is to make your website and other digital materials visible to local customers. You want to turn local web traffic into local consumers and the first cont many of your future customers will have with your brand will be your website.

Your company website will be found based on your website optimization and the end users geographical location. If your business depends on revenue from providing a product or service to a local are then local SEO is a must! Services For Local SEO  

Optimization Of Local Maps and Directories

A big mistake is not having a constant name, address and phone number in local maps and also in, local directory listings. A company’s physical location should be spelled exactly the same every time. Inconsistencies can hurt your local rankings and minimize the chances of your website and other digital marketing materials from being displayed.

This is an easy fix by first documenting the official company name, address and phone number. For instance there is a difference between Scottsdale Family & Divorce Attorneys and Scottsdale Family and Divorce Attorneys. Also phone numbers and suites. Suite #5 Scottsdale, AZ vs Ste 5 Scottsdale,AZ. Abbreviations and numbers need to be consistent.

To be a successful local service franchise your website must be actively attracting local customers to one or more of your store locations. So, local search optimization must be a high priority and included in any marketing strategy.

One way to improve attracting local customers is by giving each location their own page. You can populate these pages with types services, testimonials and reviews from customers emphasising that specific city location and who they are most like to receive services from. You can also mention any strategic partners or charities you work with in that area.
Google My Business Maps


GEO Fencing For Customer Acquisition

Trade Show Marketing – Exhibiting & Need Digital Exposure? Imagine living in a digital marketing world without borders. We do this everyday. Have a place, a geographic location, you really need to be promoting your franchise but the venue is either too costly or too far away? Oh, yea then there are those pesky no soliciting signs. Using smartphone and location based marketing, we can take care of that challenge. You can add a contact zone around an event or target your competition.

You can also advertise and grow your franchise with a customer loyalty program, build geofencing around store locations to encourage repeat customers and buyers. Like many advertising and marketing campaign we manage at Ad Web Designs these smartphone campaigns are designed to be flexible and scalable.

SEM – PPC – Google Ads Franchise Marketing Agency

AdWords & PPC Management Services
Our campaign strategy and conversion rate optimization services start with research, a whole lot of it. Our agency was one of the pioneers in offering SEM services like PPC campaigns. When we started managing ppc campaigns for our clients you could purchase almost any keyword for a nickel or dime. Now PPC costs can run over $100.00 per click.

This is why our conversion rate optimization services increases overall ROI. We lower the cost per customer acquisition (Saves you money) while improving lead quality which results in increased sales. (Makes you money). So as you can see there is a two fold benefit when hiring us for PPC management.

Our PPC Agency

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the process of tracking website conversions with the goal of improving conversion rates, as the search marketing campaign matures. This provides a long term benefit by lowering the cost customer acquisitions. Conversations can be any trackable web goal. Goals can include: submitted web forms, calls to a special web only phone number, video plays, content downloads, email subscriptions. Many websites have several goals.


What is a Good Lead Conversion Rate?

We hear the “what is a good ppc campaign conversion rate?” a lot. The answer is there really isn’t a single good conversion rate. There are so many variables. Most industry experts agree that the average business landing page converts at about 1 – 2.5% I can’t speak for other digital marketing companies but usually our campaigns run at a minimum conversion rate from 5-15 or 2 to 5 times the average conversion rate. Our conversion rate experts love to have double digit conversion rates of 10%+. We pride ourselves in developing franchise campaigns that turns your salesforce into order takers. Hire us for your PPC management needs because we generate online leads! Examples of our PPC conversion rates. 

social media marketing for franchises

Social Media Marketing For Franchises

Social media marketing was touted as the next big digital marketing channel. Many online agencies were promoting social media advertising as a path to instant marketing success. Well while some businesses to it right. Many get it wrong, way wrong. So many brands are positioning themselves to be heard and followed on social media. Getting your franchise noticed to an audience wearing advertising blinders can be difficult. Recognition takes time and having a consistent posting of quality content is important to gain trust and a following.

Too many times businesses create posts that are too focused on themselves. It is like being on a date with a person who only talks about themselves. Would you go on another date with this person? Probably not, so focus on content that a social media follower would find useful.

Types of Social Media Campaigns For Your Franchise

Your social media campaign will have two key channel components: organic or free web traffic and its opposite paid or pay for placement traffic. Remember organic social media traffic can be global in nature.However, company messages can be tailored locally with the addition of #hashtags #phoenix #scottsdale #mesa and #arizona. When paying for traffic you can be more precise about selecting where your audience is located.

A Social Media Plan

Our a plan is focused on growing brand recognition for your franchise and presenting it as an authority in industry. We create quality content around a story that is easily shareable on social media platforms will allowing your social media followers to grow. The content will be developed around the different buyer personas. The content can be made specifically for a business to consumer or business to business audience.

A content calendar is an important reminder of what content is being published and when. This content will be posted on a consistent basis and would be distributed on a daily or bi weekly schedule. The content schedule has been set by the best posting practices according to a consensus of social media experts. So using us for social media management you can relax because the posting of content is done according to the best practices of the social media.

Franchise Analytics


Get to know your customers.
Harness the Power of Big Data & Analytics

 Franchise marketing also requires  a deeper understanding of customers habits, sales and conversions.

John Wanamaker – “Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”

Grow your online business through website data collection and analysis. Tracking and measuring key website metrics with Google Analytics will increase web conversions giving you a much better return on your advertising campaign.

The proper set up of Google Analytics is vital to the success of any website. It is the backbone of future conversion optimization.

Google Analytics Will Help Increase Web Conversions

Hire us as your Google Analytics experts. We can track web traffic from multiple channels, we pick websites that send good converting traffic and discontinue under performing websites. This tracked data helps us to determine who your best customers are and what websites they are most likely to visit. We gather and analyze data based on online interests and their digital footprint.

google analytics