Conversion Rate Optimization For Google Adwords

I was never overly concerned with click through rates and conversions because I know my campaigns generate positive ROI. However when a client noticed that their conversions were significantly higher then average Adwords conversions. I got a little thank you note from them. This got me curious and I started doing a little research on conversion optimization and conversion rate averages for Google Adwords campaigns.

I was shocked at my finding that Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.
What?! I don’t sleep very well if a campaign is generating less than 10%. I mean you have complete control to choose what keywords you use, ads that you write and locations your ad is displayed. Full disclosure I started my career in Internet marketing in 1996 with focus on SEO and then moved to SEO and PPC once PPC became available from in 1999. You could buy just about any keyword for a DIME !

So I went and screen capped a couple of PPC campaigns using the same dates and you can see the results below. I will do some more in depth PPC analysis perhaps a how to video on how to increase your PPC conversions, but time and short and I gotta go!

This will be a living document page.

So what are the PPC experts calling a good Adwords conversion rate?
I used several sources and screen capped them. You don't see this kind of transparency on many PPC agency websites.

Conversion rates Google Adwords
ppc conversion rates
search conversion rate
CTR from Hubspot

Google Adwords Click Through Rates

Google Adwords Click Through Rates

Google Adwords Campaigns results from April 17. 2018 to April 19th 2019.  Just down and dirty PPC examples. 

Google campaign Results ppc management

Conversions equals phone calls. Industry is high end video equipment. Location is Global

Phone call conversions

Conversions equals phone calls. Industry is commercial and residential construction. Location is Phoenix Arizona

Lead Generation

Conversions equals form fills including phone number.
Industry is health and wellness. Location is USA only

The above example is a brand new campaign I created from scratch, launched April 4, 2018. It is a proof of concept campaign for a company with 2.1 billion dollars in global sales.

Increasing your online sales and leads is  about getting the right message, to the right people at the right time. It’s all about timing and psychology. The essence to a high PPC conversion rate is employing the right advertising tactic in the right place, at the right time.

A/B Split Test Your Google Adwords Traffic

PPC, like SEO is part art and part science. The art is everything you did prior to launching the ppc campaign; your research, the text, images and other media assets for the ads.  The science part math and analytics will measure the effectiveness of the campaign and will help in the guidance of future creative projects.

The Red is  Adwords traffic from across the entire USA.  The conversion rate for the lead generation page, using the red traffic is 9.44%. The yellow grouping is web traffic from specific zip codes based on demographics. The Yellow specialty campaign is much more targeted. The  conversion rate for the lead generation page, using the yellow traffic is  over 20%.  This campaign is more of a proof of concept type of campaign  for lead generation.  I would recommend ramping up the budget for the specialty yellow campaign.  This would help generate actionable data more quickly as well.  The campaign needs  more lift, so the data can become more statistically significant. 🙂  See PPC for Phoenix attorneys