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Law Firm Marketing Web Design


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AD Web Designs is a Full Service Web Design and Marketing Firm.

Web Design and Development


Here are a few web design templates for attorneys and law firms so you can get an idea of how you would want your website to look. Website templates are a great way to jump start the design process. We customize the template to match your law firms current marketing material. We add your logo and color scheme. We design and add web pages like lawyer profiles either photos or videos, areas of law practice, recent press releases and just about anything you can think of. If you don't like layout style of these web templates we can create a 100% custom website. Combine our design with our full service web marketing suite including some of the best search engine optimization and pay per click management and its easy to see why were a top choice among law firms looking to improve their Internet presence.

Keeping track of the latest internet marketing innovations can be a time consuming task. Why not hire a professional web design and internet marketing company with 15 years of online advertising experience?

We keep track of the latest trends in design and marketing. We know what works and more importantly what does not. We provide a complete list of development and online marketing services to improve your website traffic and convert that traffic into the acquisition of new clients for your law firm.


We can also design banners, videos and programs and applications for mobile phones

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

SEO for Law firms

We are SEO experts and excel at getting your website a first page ranking for keywords.

These were the most popular search phrases for people looking for an attorney or law firm in Phoenix According to Google as of 1-20-2011. If your web site is not showing up for these keywords you are missing out on potential business. We can develop an SEO strategy to improve your rankings in the organic search.

attorney phoenix
lawyer phoenix
phoenix attorney
attorney phoenix AZ
law firm phoenix
attorney phoenix Arizona

Google searches by specialty

drunk driving lawyer phoenix
injury lawyer phoenix
divorce attorney phoenix
accident lawyer phoenix
criminal lawyer phoenix

Search engine optimization for legal services is very competitive. There are only 10 positions in the organic results in Google and other search engine. Legal services are competitive due to high costs of pay per click advertising, the number of attorney's and 3rd party lead generators.

Search Engine Optimization For Attorney Web Sites

Our Search Engine optimization, aka SEO services, are designed to promote a lawyers website organically by increasing their visibility in the Search Engine result pages. Our goal is to move their website from being on page 1000+ in the search engines for their keywords such as "phoenix criminal defense attorney" or "phoenix defense lawyer" to being found on the first page.

SEO is very important because it enhances your website's visibility. The benefits are receiving quality web traffic consisting of potential clients who are typing keywords into a web search box. These potential clients are actively searching the web for the services your law firm provides and in your location.

We accomplish high search engine results using many different processes. These processes are proprietary in nature so we won't be listing our exact formula but we have been known to create and submit articles and press releases. We create custom business pages in social network portals like facebook, linkedin and youtube.

Now days it is important to take advantage of social networks which include viral marketing. Our marketing experts make sure that your law firm is linked in important law directories and business sections of major portals like yahoo and Our search engine optimization strategy is to get your website to the top of the search engines and increase your firms revenue.

Pay Per Click For Legal Services


Pay Per Click Campaigns using Google Adwords, and Bing

Pay per click or PPC is an excellent way to generate client referrals. The best thing about PPC is that you can control bids and track all results.

Lead Generation For Lawyers

However legal services keywords are targeted on a search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Pay per click marketing for legal services can be quite costly highly desired search terms can be worth as much as $25-$30 per click. Ad Web's pay per click experts manage your campaigns keeping the costs within your monthly budget.

Unlike SEO which can take 6-12 months to see results. Pay Per Click will show almost immediate results. The 2 biggest pay per click programs are Google Adwords, Microsoft's BING Adcenter.

Buying paid search listings is part science and part art you want to get just the right blend to maximize your pay per click budget. In the early days of paid listing attorneys could buy their relevant keywords for as little as .50¢ currently those same search words can be a high as $20.00 per click and much higher in competitive service areas and locations.

That's way having professional campaign management is so important to our clients. We write the call the action ads, research and choose keywords carefully. Our talented web designs will develop custom landing pages to send visitors to once they have clicked on your paid ad. Landing page are lead capturing pages designed to maximize your PPC advertising budget. Then we monitor the performance of each of the different campaigns, landing pages and keywords then send monthly tracking reports so our clients and see their campaign performance.

keywordcost per click

ADwords Cost Per Click as of 1-21-2011

So the total cost per month for just 5 keyword phrase would total around 10k. That's why we suggest using a combination of PPC and SEO.

No Conflict Of Interest


Unlike those other online marketing and advertising companies Ad Web LLC only works with one law firm in a geographic region. Example if your a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix or a Phoenix Law Firm that specializes in DUI cases you will be our only client in those vertical markets.

Quite frankly we don't know how those other web design companies that specialize in web design for law firms can say they have there clients best interests in mind we they have three competing firms in the same city.

Our company will manage the web development and the online advertising for only one area of law practice in a city. If your firm wants to be on the first page of major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo for keywords such as Phoenix attorney or Phoenix law firm we can do that as well.


Website Design and Internet Marketing For Lawyers, Attorney's and Law Firms

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For any attorney or law practice being listed on the first page in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is crucial to generating new client leads. Today in the business marketplace, there are two kinds of legal service firms (1) those with a strong Internet presence and (2) those that are GOING out of business.