We can only show just a hint of our previous work. We are limited on what we can display online.  Ad Web LLC has over 21+ years of proprietary Internet marketing information. Other Internet marketing companies simply don’t have our experience and our success rate.

Developing and managing custom digital marketing campaigns for local, regional and national markets.
Making the web work for business since 1996.PPC Services Example

Why are we among the best at offering PPC services?

It is Very Simple. It’s all about acquiring targeted web traffic at a specific point in the buying decision process. Newly acquired traffic is then sent to a landing page with a call to action which is in complete alignment with the keyword searched and the display ad content. the newly acquired traffic to a meesage that is in line with the ad process. rocesshe buying process and then converting the traffic into sales and leads.
Since AD Web Designs started as an SEO Company in 1996. We have studied millions of web visitors and their web browsing habits. We use this research in developing highly profitable PPC campaigns.
We have a joke around here and that is paid search i.e. PPC is for the algorithmically challenged"
Bottom line providing SEO service has greatly enhanced our PPC marketing skills and will give you a better return on your PPC budget.
If your considering purchasing PPC Services for company here is why you should choose Ad Web LLC.
We understand “what makes people click” and turning web traffic into clients and customers.
We have a proven track record of improving the ROI on existing PPC marketing campaigns.
We will lower your cost per click and cost per lead or cost per sale by increasing your conversion ratio.
Low start up cost! We strongly belief that every business deserves world class PPC services.

[SEM For College Example]

PPC Services For Google Adwords Example

This is just one example of the many PPC campaigns improved by our management services. We used a better selection of keywords, improved the landing page layout and call to action. The conversion rate before our services was respectable 4.72% and the cost per lead was $36.66. However we thought, we could manage the campaign and offer an improvement over their last PPC agency.

PPC Campaign results
In less than 3 months we increased the conversion rate to 13.78% and lowered the cost per lead from $36.66 to $13.10. Also as an added bonus to the company, our lead quality was much higher. So not only did we save the business money on advertising costs we also increased their total profitability.

PPC Display Ads That Convert

What’s in a word? A Lot! In the display advertising world, choose the wrong word and you can see your SEM ROI decrease or even worse go negative.
Choose the right word and watch your SEM ROI increase and enjoy those profits.
When were given a required ad sent by the corporate office. (bottom ad) Then we wrote our own display ad. (top ad)
Writing PPC Ads

PPC Campaign Results

Our ad was the clear winner and within 4 hour of the campaign launch, we had managements full support!