Paying For Traffic

Paid Search is Pay Per Click or AD Impressions - Paying for web traffic. While some of our search marketing cousins call SEO "Praying for position". As search experts we can definitely agree that paid search is "paying for playing". Back in the 1990's before paid search SEO was really the only option for those seeking a first page ranking on the search engines. Enter paid search or as we at AD Web LLC call it search engine marketing for the algorithmically challenged. A little internet marketin...

Google’s Data Studio

What is Google's Data Studio? Well encase you haven’t heard Google has a Beta of this really cool analytics program. The current name is “Google Data Studio” and it has some amazing capabilities. As a full service digital marketing agency conversion tracking and optimization of our clients campaigns is mission critical. One of the ways we make better advertising decision is tracking channel conversions.Reports when you need them using REAL TIME data Custom reports- Turn your data into ...